Coping with Unique Experiences (CUE) is a clinical program at Mount Sinai, with sites both at the main campus on the East Side and at St. Luke’s on the West Side. At CUE, we work with teenagers and young adults who are experiencing changes in their mood and behavior such as unusual thoughts and sensory experiences, social withdrawal, distress, and confused thinking. Patients at our clinic receive state-of-the-art expert evaluation and patient-centered, evidence-based treatment.

Adults (18 and over)
please call CUE 5th Avenue on the East Side at 212-241-5947 or
CUE St. Luke’s on the West Side at 212-523-8080 or 212-523-5561.
For children (under 18) please call 212-659-1789.
Please say you’re calling for CUE and have your insurance information ready.

If you or someone you know is having any of these experiences, CUE may be able to help:

  • Going off track a lot when talking

  • Difficulty in functioning in school, work, or home

  • Increased desire to be alone

  • Requiring prodding to complete basic activities

  • Loss of usual interest in activities

  • Loss of motivation and energy

  • Lack of pleasure in previously enjoyed activities

  • Odd appearance

  • Worsening personal hygiene and grooming

  • Feeling suspicious of others

  • Confusion about what is real versus imaginary

  • Hearing sounds, such as whispering or ringing, that others do not hear

  • Seeing shadows or flashes in the corner of the eye

  • Smelling or tasting things that others don’t

  • Feeling a loss of control over your own thoughts

  • Feeling as if things are moving too slowly or too quickly

  • Difficulty organizing thoughts or speech